Ener-Qi (pronounced 'ener-chee') is a Registered Massage Therapy clinic located just blocks from 124 street, and the vibrant high street area in Edmonton. Qi literally translates to ‘breath’, a vital life force that makes up all living beings. The concept of Qi is shared among other cultures, alternatively referred to as Mana, Prana, or in western society as energy. We exist in a world that encourages multitasking over mindfulness, and rarely do we create time to recharge our body and mind.

Ener-Qi Massage Therapy offers a variety of premium services including: Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Swedish Relaxation Massage Therapy, Pre/Post Natal Massage Therapy and Fire Cupping Therapy. We look forward to helping others relax, realign & rejuvenate their Ener-Qi.